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24 Hours of 2017 – Mahindra Comviva

  Every New Year, we mostly think of our local time to wish each other, though wishing ‘Happy New Year’ is a global phenomenon.


How Dulux Superclean Paint became a celebration for Mother-Child Bond?

Dulux Superclean is a washable paint. The walls stay as good as new as the walls stay fresh and don’t have a way of telling the…


How well do you know DDLJ?

When a movie reaches 1000 weeks of uninterrupted screening it has to be the most special movie. When the movie is owned by the studio that also…


Creating Desire for India’s First Cinema Inspired Fashion Brand

When KBSH and YRF came together to launch a fashion line, this was not an easy task. There was no parallel, something like this had…


#31Days31Tales: Stories in the Middle, Final Episode

Thank you for reading through part 1 and part 2 Here are the final stories, to complete the celebration we had when we turned 2 We start…


Can Playing Cards make the brand cool?

Playing cards are playing cards. Most brands treat them as a small give away for the trade body. They normally have no connection with the…


Shouldn’t Holi be our national game?

You aim, you throw. You duck, you weave out. You lift, you hold. You scoop, you defend. You play singles, doubles, mixed or any number…


Mail Today: There’s more to you

Mail Today has been a different kind of newspaper since it was launched. Different in format, different in content and different in stance. The new…


When Karenda said “Hello World”

The client’s brief was clear. We needed to create a promotional social media campaign for their Karenda Film, showcasing it as an ideal…


Weaves Of India

DLF PLACE, Saket is the place to be in. With more than 100 places to shop and eat at, it is one of the best…