Shouldn’t Holi be our national game?

You aim, you throw. You duck, you weave out. You lift, you hold. You scoop, you defend. You play singles, doubles, mixed or any number you feel like. You grab, pin down and wait for the count. The highlights of this are more engrossing then any cricket match. Shouldn’t we then collectively do as suggested in future?

So Holi’s here again. The colour stains will be around for long, and so will be the memories. Here’s what we saw that you may have missed, and thats why we believe Holi should be our National Game, not Hockey, certainly not Cricket

We saw this happen. Bet you also did. May be you even tried this sport. Our athletic genes come out very clearly on the day we chase our neighbours.

As the games continue in your society, more and more champions emerge. All done with guts, and molten steel sloshing in their bellies.

The action is heating up, the slog overs are here, the asking rate is stiff. The state of the games called for unusual tactics. #holihighlights captures the madness as it happened

The swing has been tested, the strength of shoulder has been figured out, the distance of throw has been measured, vantage position secured, now for the targets to be tracked and shot. Get the missiles out, cause you may be watched

This is our final take on Holi why Holi should be our National Game. There’s a lot going for Holi. Frankly there is a lot less going for hockey or cricket!

This the fun of holi, as we said, everyone wins. Enjoy the games

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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