When IndiaMART Celebrated the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

IndiaMart is the engine behind the small and medium enterprises. It works by opening doors for the SME’s to grow. The brand wanted to transition from a physical market place, a place that connected business to a brand that powered ambition.

IndiaMart wanted to rise above from being transactional to inspirational.

Irrfan Khan has been the face of the brand and his earthy charm and wit has been a natural fit for the brand. In this campaign, we made him the force that makes the businessmen seek glory

Every entrepreneur and every businessman starts his or her journey to follow a dream. The innate search and thirst to achieve a target, reach a landmark, and build an enterprise worthy of the dream in their minds. Our country is full of legends of people who have started small and made global successes, and those stories and surnames are driving forces for a country that’s now woken up. ¬†They are inspiration to those searching for their own footprints to leave behind. This campaign is a tribute to that entrepreneurial spirit.

Now what is your Khoj?

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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