The dynamic world of the internet.

We lived the era of digital consumption boom during the covid19 peak 2020-2021.

Brands saw “micro consumption” trends. As we saw everyone – becoming a creator, binging on OTT, preparing recipes online, creating and connecting.

2022, the YEAR of PhyGital wave.

Here are 5 trends that bring you closer to riding the Phygital wave and customer centralization to give effective solutions to your clients in 2022.

1. Purpose-Driven Content

Deloitte Marketing Trends 2022 puts out – “ 1.9X more growth “ for brands who have addressed consumers ‘ beliefs regarding social inequalities or representative advertising when they CONSIDER buying a certain product. So what’s your brand’s “inclusive corporate story” ?

2. Social Commerce is now a MUST.

Liked what you saw, want to buy it then and there! Only possible if your brand is closing the purchase loop where your audience sits for 4 hours a day. In-Stream Shopping, Meta Shop, Instagram Shop, Live Shopping YT Ads. Time to think Shop first while mechanizing ideas for your product launches.

Home Credit Chat Bot for easy commerce

3. Metaverse launch, to fuel AR usage.

Imagining the possibilities to make your audience step in a 3D virtual event to help them experience your brand and product is the cyborg era of being phygital.

Global brand H&M has launched their metaverse showroom where you can come, explore, try the clothes, dress up, purchase and live. All this with a click.

It’s the only time, India warms up to that and takes the plunge.

4. Audience attention span drives content formats

Lesser the attention, the lesser the timespan of your content. 15Seconder relevance of content is killing all marketing plans, but it is the only time duration that yields the best result. Platform and consumption agnostic short format content is here to stay.


Youtube Shorts First Content

5. Branded Content Vs Own Content

The fight for these two is ongoing. But marketers are turning around to create their own IP to expand ROI and make it more customer centralized. Further, using celebs and KOL to drive resonance.

Content that resonateS, REACHES & builds a difference for YOUR AUDIENCE WILL WIN 2022-2023.

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