Menstrual Health In India is Driven By Myths and Misinformation


Menstrual health in India is driven by myths and misinformation. There is no conversation on this issue and its old mothers tales that dominate the popular conversation. This is what Healthians wanted to change. Bring the entire discourse of Menstrual health in public domain, challenge the norms and not drive the conversation towards any test.

Hence we thought of few areas where women were put under social restrictions and took positive take on that through our visual representation. Considering the restriction that all women have to go through, we tried to break the social taboo by showing two hand welcoming them.

This campaign was a huge success for Healthians, because after releasing this campaign brand search and brand awareness crossed the saturation point and became the talking point for them. The positive word of mouth impacted the overall following for the brand, making mothers reach out and try the service.

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