How Dulux Superclean Paint became a celebration for Mother-Child Bond?

Dulux Superclean is a washable paint. The walls stay as good as new as the walls stay fresh and don’t have a way of telling the story of their endurance. We turned the walls that carry Superclean into a story of love, bonding and nurturance between mother and child.

Our insight was simple, walls are the first canvas of a child. It’s on the wall that the child first expresses what they feel. Mothers find this act both amusing and irritating. With Mothers’ Day around, we connected  mother, child and washable paint for a very endearing social campaign. All under the hashtag #MyMomSuperMom

The entire campaign was a participative campaign where we wanted the fans and followers to pay an ode to their moms. The fans went back to either childhood memories or celebrate the love they have for their child in our social pages.

We started the campaign with setting the context. Paint, brush, chalk, pencil, and walls became our theme.



The second part was announcing the participative conversation, and the chance to benefit from shared stories

“Your mother let you enjoy your childhood the way you wanted to. Tag your mother in the comments and tell her #MyMomSuperMom. Also, share with us the most unusual career goals you had as a kid and win exciting prizes!”

The response was overwhelming. We had over 100 heartwarming stories that the fans shared with us.


We extended the campaign to the next stage.

“Every child wants to express their creativity, be it on a canvas or on walls. Share with us a picture of your child’s doodles and win exciting prizes.”

Our fans kept loving the campaign, and we were overwhelmed by the response, like this picture from one of our fan on Facebook.

In the final stage, we asked mothers to let kids doodle on walls. Share an image of your kid’s doodles with us and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

The responses amazed us, we had a bank of user-generated content which we turned into a flip book. The response to the campaign kept us. Like this painting.

The campaign generated tremendous response. We had a cumulative reach of over 250,000 fans and followers. We generated a total impression of 500,000. over 19,000 engaged fans. The campaign won many awards. It was showcased internally at Dulux as the best case for using digital platforms.

#MyMomSuperMom is not about a brand of paint, it’s about how social media built traction for a brand.


Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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