Can Playing Cards make the brand cool?

Playing cards are playing cards. Most brands treat them as a small give away for the trade body. They normally have no connection with the brand, apart from a small mention of brand somewhere in the deck.

When Tiger Blanc Vodka briefed us for playing cards, we had to find a way to make the freshly launched French Luxury Vodka look cool.

The core of Tiger Blanc is ‘Erotica’. The brand has shades of erotic naughtiness with Parisian style and charm right from the logo and bottle design. The brand asks its consumers to Live Life Tiger Blanc. We took the same style for the design of front of playing cards

While the front is all about the brand, can we make the playing side also reflect the brand? Can the individual suits reflect the erotic Parisian Charm?

The brand came alive when we designed each individual suites in the style of Tiger Blanc. Sarvagya, the Art Director individually created the motifs for each suite. We created multiple designs for the cards. All of them reflecting the erotic charm of the brand and each of them carrying the brand story forward

Here are all the designs that we created for just the playing cards.

We created magic for the brand with a unique design philosophy. These cards became the reason to buy the brand. So next time in the party, when you look at humble playing cards, remember we can turn them into phenomenal brand stories.


Art: Sarvagya Dhunta Kohli




Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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