#31Days31Tales: Stories in the Middle

When we turned 2, we wanted to celebrate by telling stores.

Stories from the lot of us at BITM.

Stories that could be small, touching, crazy, dramatic, serious, or just plain jane.

From 1st May, for the rest of the month, we shared our tales.

For some the author wanted to stay anonymous, for some the author was happy to announce who he or she was.

Here goes the first. Came from our young head of servicing, Ameya Desai and her story of Brat in the Middle

Her sister had a repartee and her own story to tell, which was equally hilarious.

Our second story Shouting in the Middle came from our head of Art, Neharika. This is what seniors make juniors do in our profession

Here goes our third story, Kiss in the Middle

This time from one of our web designers.

He generally likes his quiet, and therefore his name remains in the shadows.

Clever boy, read to know why he stayed in the shadows.

There’s more than a lesson here.storyteller is a writer, from the land of coconut and challenged in Hindi

Greek in the Middle is about what happens when you try to be clever and you are left stranded.

Our 5th is Bullet in the Middle, from another one of us who is from the land of Coconuts

He is our chief story teller, Prathap. As resident tree and occasional copywriter, he believes he’s seen more sunrises than most.

This incident is from the time he worked with Slate Worldwide.

The agency between black and white.

Actually there is a story in the last two lines too, but that is left untold for now

For our 6th story, Atul brings in Vally in the Middle. Atul is a Delhi guy, and is like the average Delhi Joe. This time he brings this tale about what happened up in the mountains.

Hairpins, gorges, and pine trees don’t necessarily applaud spirited driving.

There’s more than a lesson here.

Our 7th story is out of Sarvagya’s life.

Chill in the Middle is about the goings on in the shadows among the dark could make a grown up man leave a trail down his pants.

If Day 7’s story left you with a chill, Day 8 is about 300 in the Middle
Ever met an honest cop? Akanksha has
Rubber in the Middle is about curiosity 
And in trouble, our anonymous author gets into.
This story of teens and growing up probably happened to most of us.
May the spirit of discovery continue to lead us!
Day 10 gets us Itch in the Middle
Yet another anonymous writer comes alive from among us.
Our 10th story is all about her ingenuity.
The call of jugaad that makes us all so Indian.
For every problem, we will find a solution.
Arithmetically speaking.
 We hope we have created enough interest in you to know what the other stories are, well wait for the second part if this post.
Till then remember, we are a bunch of passionate storytellers

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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