#31Days31Tales: More Stories In The Middle

Hope you enjoyed Part 1. If you didn’t than this is the link to first ten stories http://banginthemiddle.blog/branding/31days31tales-stories-middle/

Here’s story number 11.

Pi in the Middle

A real-life incident so scary, that Hollywood was arguably compelled to steal it from his memory and make it into a film with a Tiger etc. Enjoy.

If the snake and river has got your goosebumps, we need to move on to story number 12

Satyan, our head honcho at Kochi, shares his story.

The 12th in our series.

Trainee in the Middle

He goes back into his days among the dunes for this incident. Designations can be tricky little fellas. But then, how we crave them!

 We guys in advertising can be crafty.
For our story number 13, Blue in the Middle, you will have a smile on your face
It’s possibly your story
Or the tale of naughty nineties when the Russians were corrupting our youth.
Our young writer from land of knowledge got two lessons in one event: one from Mom and another from TV.

 Our Day 14 is  #MeToo moment
We take you to Hawaii and the story from a lady who Newsweek called as the Perfect Face of the World.
The showbiz has an ugly side, once in a while it shows up.
Meet Saira Mohan and Frozen in the Middle
 Day 15 story is Dark in the Middle
Less said the better, for you to feel the chill.
We suggest you sit down before you read it.
 They say the creative guys are a bit lost
This one forgot about Switch
We switch tracks, from dark tales to hustle and bustle of polling
This is from our in-house leader and strong man Prasanna. Today seems to be the apt day for this tale
Our story number 18 is a love story and how a young man in his excitement missed a critical digit in his bill. Raman hasn’t been spared until today.

 We continue with love stories, here’s one more
Book, Convent, Missionary Position and Sabu Paul’s tale.
Somehow after two rocking love stories, we change track
 We are almost coming to end of our stories.
Do wait for part 3 of our tales

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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