#31Days31Tales: Stories in the Middle, Final Episode

Thank you for reading through part 1 and part 2

Here are the final stories, to complete the celebration we had when we turned 2

We start with King in the Middle, a story that I have to narrate.

This 21st tale goes back to the last decade and is set among the decadence of good times.

No storytelling is complete without a celebrity, here’sĀ one

This story is from Rajesh, the writer who rides.

Rajesh rode on pure luck and how.

Our advice: Don’t do it.

Sarvagya, our art director brings a tale of Neptune, gumboots, some intoxicants, and the equator. Sail away

Our young storyteller discovered a loveable old man and Facebook. This has nothing to do with Data Stealing, has everything to do with sharing moments of happiness

This is love story as cute as it can be. This is when Facebook played cupid. These two are now happily married

We have seen how oysters behave on a plate in a famous movie.

Can you imagine how chicken behaves?

What if we told you it flies?

Our young writer discovered to his horror.

#MeToo moment from another one of us.

Our writer found an interesting way to carve a space for herself

May there be more like her

Meet Jalebi

or discover the connection between River Rafting and Jalebi.

Suhani has a tale that may make you look for your phone book.

Here’s the story of the wild west

Sadly this has no movie in the making

For our second last tale, we take you to a mountain shrine and how the love for writing made Arshia’s parent worried.

If you are into writing than you have to write.

Here we come to end. This is our final tale

We bring to you a take from Vijay Mathur.

Never stop being the good Samaritan.

Good Karma always pays back.

Buy before I go, here’s something that is more interesting than all the stories we have.

Here’s a packet that was delivered to us by a courier company

See the HashTag. Someone at the courier company was checking us out!

I hope you enjoyed reading through three long posts and 31 interesting tales

Till we do it again


Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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