Creating Desire for India’s First Cinema Inspired Fashion Brand

When KBSH and YRF came together to launch a fashion line, this was not an easy task. There was no parallel, something like this had never been done before. We were up against the designers, up against the names with heritage and up against names that had been created by YRF themselves.

Diva’ni, the brand also had a larger than life inspirational personality to look up to. Yash Raj Chopra immortalized the emotions of love, romance, passion, and beauty, and these were the emotions the brand had to look up to. The launch of the brand itself was on his birthday.

Diva’ni had a huge challenge, we as an agency had a bigger challenge.

How do you envelope all the emotions of beauty and make it larger than life?

How do you reflect the grand scale of cinema?

How do you inspire the girl, the woman to live life like a Diva?

We started the journey if brand from Social Media

The second part of the launch campaign was to build on the emotions of beauty. The nine emotions or the navarasa is the eternal concept in Indian arts about the aesthetic flavor of any work of art.

The nine emotions became the nine chapter of the story of Diva’ni.

Here are the 9 ads that showcased the nine emotions.

The next step was to bring the brand to life. This was done using a film that was played on Yash Chopra’s Birthday to launch the brand. Shot at the location in Pangong Lake (before 3 idiots was shot there) this was the brand paying tribute the inspiration. The web film captures the true essence if the brand

Finally, on the D-Day the brand was launched in New Delhi by Rani Mukherjee to a rousing welcome by the discerning crowd of the country. The launch ad captured the soul of the brand.

Since then Diva’ni has gone strength to strength and to many more cities. This is just the start of Diva’ni story, there is a lot more that we will bring to you.

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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