When Karenda said “Hello World”

The client’s brief was clear. We needed to create a promotional social media campaign for their Karenda Film, showcasing it as an ideal example of a ‘DigitalVillage’. Both to India and the world, also to help VNL gain new leads into new markets. It should work to get the attention of people in power – both at the Government level and the wider telecom industry.

It was to be a month long campaign to be run mainly on social media. We needed an umbrella idea. Something that would cover all the essentials and attract both empathy and traction.

The Idea was simple. Invite the world to experience Karenda in Rajasthan. It was not just a creative campaign, but also a lead generation campaign and various digital tools were used to get and track leads. The campaign ran in stages.

Stage 1: Geographical #DigitalVillage

Stage 2: Testimonials & Transformation #DigitalVillage

Stage 3: Inviting the Prime Minister #PMComeToKarenda

The campaign ran for a month. We tagged different telecom operators, Government officials and most importantly the PMO handle. Karenda was able to grab attention through this campaign and some foreign delegates did visit the village to see the and experience the digital transformation.


Copy: Dev Jayakrishnan
Art: Anuj Sarkar & Ritika Joshi
Digital Strategy: Summaiya Aslam
Client Servicing: Manali Acharya



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