Mail Today: There’s more to you

Mail Today has been a different kind of newspaper since it was launched. Different in format, different in content and different in stance. The new campaign titled “There’s More To You” builds on the offering from Mail Today. The campaign is designed to create a fresh new following for the brand post creating a fresh new editorial approach for the paper

The four ad campaign is conceptualized to be in Print, Outdoor, and Radio. The campaign celebrates the different facets of its readers. Unlike building in subjects the newspaper covers, or issues it tackles, Mail Today’s campaign is about how the readers are different and how their information needs are different. The campaign touches the topic from Politics to lifestyle to fashion to leisure in ways that are intrinsic to the brand. The young affluent readers of Mail Today are not the usual readers that other newspapers target and we are celebrating the uniqueness of our readers and their varied interests

Shot by Bandeep Singh of India Today, the campaign uses the same person in two different ‘avatars’ to tell the story of multiple interests. This makes the look of the campaign as distinctive as the newspaper itself.

Here’s the whole campaign

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UPDATE: The campaign won a Silver at Delhi Advertising Club SAARC Awards 2108.


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