13 can be #Lucky13

13 is not the luckiest of numbers, but is 13 really unlucky?

When Inox turned 13 in Kolkata, we used this as an opportunity to celebrate 13 as #Lucky13. Yes we did release some ads in newspapers like this one. But we did not want to leave the effort to just ads in newspapers. we turned #Lucky13 into a full-blown celebration of movies, talk show, celebrity interactions and made it into an event to remember.

we ran this as the film in the theatres inviting all those who were turning 13 to come and join us.

We did not stop at just this. Here’s a look at the whole campaign and what it achieved for the brand. #Lucky13 won many awards including Fox Glove. Do connect with us if you want your brand to create similar magic



Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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