Adding a dash of style to Lunch Box

Tupperware posed to us a stiff challenge. They are the leaders of lunch boxes, almost everyone carries lunch to office or school in a Tupperware lunch box. But these lunch boxes are boring, dull and not exciting. Can we make the lunch box exciting?

We realized that not only do people carry lunch in a Tupperware box, they keep the lunch box on their desks or the small pantry and they all collectively look boring. So can we add excitement to the box itself?

We explored designs, many designs like this

How will this look on the lunch box? Will it make the lunch box appetizing? The new lunch box was a runaway success

‘Rocker’ as we called it became the new way of carrying lunch when you are on the move. So successful was this one design that we added one more. ‘Whiskers’ became as successful as Rocker

We found a design solution to a boring problem. In the process, we helped Tupperware drive a premium.

Need a solution driven by design to a boring marketing problem? We are happy to have a conversation

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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