How do you make a traditional Indian QSR look cool?

Haldiram is among the largest homegrown QSR and has a large footprint. Though unlike the global chains, Haldiram is not a ‘format’and every restaurant of theirs has a distinct look and feel.

When they opened a brand new outlet in Karnal, they wanted to capture the feeling of festivity and happiness of eating at Haldiram. We had to create graphics on walls of the eatery and ensure that experience of hot tasty freshly made food gets enhanced.

We kept in mind that Karnal is midway between Delhi and Chandigarh and the transient patron numbers are very high.

The wall branding was spoken about with people clicking pictures and sharing them. here’s what we did for Haldiram in Karnal

Space branding is a specialised skill and we at Bang in the Middle excel at doing this. If your brand is looking at creating branding options internally with similar values as the mother brand, we suggest you drop us a line. We would be delighted to have a conversation

Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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