How do you launch a brand new school?

How do you launch a brand new school in the upcoming NCR area and how do you create a difference in the overcrowded Noida market?

This was a challenging brief from Gyanshree School. They were launching a school that will compete with some of the established names in the locality.

We started with the logo design. The logo had to be inspiring and have symbology of education. We created the logo inspired by the tree of knowledge. While we did that, we also created overall brand appeal around happiness and learning

This became the bedrock of the entire identity that we created. From the prospectus to the school name tags, everything carried the tree of knowledge and the joy of learning. The website also reflected same values. This is how we did the first brochure for the school

The campaign to announce the admissions was a celebration of joy that students will have at the school

The internal wall branding also had the same vibrancy and feeling of happiness

The specially created typeface became the signature for the school and four years hence the school is building on the identity we created.

in 2013, Gyanshree was just beginning its journey, today it is among the first choice of parents who seek an accomplished school for their child



Managing Partner and CSO, Bang in the Middle

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