Can Playing Cards make the brand cool?

Playing cards are playing cards. Most brands treat them as a small give away for the trade body. They normally have no connection with the…


When IndiaMART Celebrated the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

IndiaMart is the engine behind the small and medium enterprises. It works by opening doors for the SME’s to grow. The brand wanted to transition…


Shouldn’t Holi be our national game?

You aim, you throw. You duck, you weave out. You lift, you hold. You scoop, you defend. You play singles, doubles, mixed or any number…


When Magazines had good news to share

According to the new Indian Readership Survey 2017,  Magazines almost doubled readership from 40 million in IRS 2014 to 78 million in the latest report. Here…


The Lodhi: Events specific

Celebrating 5 years of OTW: After a legendary run of 1975 days, On The Waterfront (OTW) shuts down.


The Lodhi: Incredibly Splendid

The Lodhi ethos is simple and easy luxury. It is also an ethos of ‘contrasts’. From the…


5 packaging designs for Tupperware

Packaging designs are always challenging. Here are 5 packaging designs that we did for Tupperware that became the most successful products of Tupperware. Each of them…

Hello Tomorrow with Tupperware

A catalog can be like a catalog or it can tell the story of the brand in a compelling way. We created this as the…


Kochi Books and Posters

Don’t we all love books? Don’t we all want to delve into the unknown? Don’t we all love to lose ourselves in a fictional magical world? Don’t we all…


Mail Today: There’s more to you

Mail Today has been a different kind of newspaper since it was launched. Different in format, different in content and different in stance. The new…