The Lodhi: Incredibly Splendid

The Lodhi ethos is simple and easy luxury. It is also an ethos of ‘contrasts’. From the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere in the restaurants, courtyards and public areas to the seclusion, peace and club- like atmosphere of the seven floors of guest accommodation. The Lodhi epitomizes contemporary India-culturally, artistically with their changing art exhibitions, their food, their environment, their guests and their visitors but they also reflect tradition and history.

After ‘growing up’ as an Aman city resort since opening in 2009 , they are now, proudly, an independent, standalone entity, a boutique city property reflecting all that they were as an Aman resorts and more now that they are The Lodhi.

We created some beautiful communications for them which are as follows:

  1. Print ads (Brand ads):

Some print ads for Conde Naste Magazine.



2. Their Bakery branding:

3. Some flyers:(special packages)



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