INOX Mothers Day Campaign

For a movie hall to stand out in the Mothers’ Day cacophony is not simple. The brand needed a strong peg to create engagement and make every patron across the network part of the campaign.

INOX is a theatre chain, it welcomes a large number of patrons every day who come to watch movies in multiple languages. On Mothers’Day we asked them to do something more than just watch a movie.

We asked them to declare their mothers as the #HeadOfTheFamily

We added a host of privileges if the patrons did this, we announced them using our own media: the cinema slides

We drove the engagement using our social handles

The campaign also had a radio spot

Radio Head of the Family

The theatres had Point of Sale to remind the patrons of the day, contest and priviledges

We turned the Mothers’ Day into a day long celebration of true motherhood by celebrating the real role she plays.


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